10 Rustic Diy Tree Log Ideas For Your Outdoor Spaces

  • 10:57 pm August 13, 2018
  • delcy

Old tree log which gives a rustic look to your outdoor spaces, well you can even give a decorative look with different and unique ideas, some planter, table, fountain and many more. They have showcase many amazing ideas which showcase the tree log in a more enchanting way. So here is the fabulous design look from the old tree log which we can reuse and give an attractive look for your garden areas.

Table ideas

Garden is not all about beauty but it is also about showcasing diys ideas for the outdoor spaces. As you can see this tree log is enhancing the garden with a table or the sitting arrangement ideas.

Pathway Ideas

Pathways are the best for the outdoor spaces, they are showcasing the diys look which is enhancing the garden areas for more rustic design.


Well, this one is probably enhancing the outdoor spaces with a planter look and they are showcasing the tree log planter ideas.

Raised bed ideas

Most important part for the outdoor areas, where you want to showcase many different and unique ideas. Also, fruits and veggies are the best for the garden ideas. So you prefer to give a raised garden bed look.

Outdoor table ideas

This one is showcasing the outdoor table ideas from the tree log which is enhancing the long spaces that will be much more inspiring.

Fencing look

As you can see this one is showcasing the tree log for the fencing ideas. They are enhancing the outdoor spaces which will give outstanding ideas

Succulent garden

As you can see this tree log is enhancing the small succulent which quite creative and they are probably showcasing the different look.

Bench ideas

Well, give an awesome look to your outdoor spaces which is enhancing the garden with a rustic bench look that is quite inspiring.

Stunning one

Even you can make a tree log house design for the outdoor spaces, which is also enhancing the garden with simple DIY ideas.

Fountain ideas

Fountains are the best to make your garden look more lively they are literally giving stunning ideas for the outdoor spaces with fountain ideas. So these are the rustic DIY tree log ideas for your outdoor spaces.