13 Pictures Depicting the Real Power of Destiny

  • 3:29 pm March 24, 2018
  • mahi

Destiny exists and these stories are the proof.

Met Long Back

Have you ever managed to appear in the right place at the right time? The experiences of these people are enough to ensure that only one moment is enough to change your life.

These stories are enough to confirm that destiny exists and if you are still skeptical then you should go through below.

On the left is my cousin who can be seen in the family photo of his future wife taken seven years before they met.

School Friends

As with all, we also lost touch with each other once we moved ahead in life but after 20 years we still hang around in the same way as we used to when we were in preschool.


The man and woman took the same vacation pic at a young age but at the age of 30 they met each other and got married.

Amusement Park

After the wedding, the couple decided to look at their old pictures and found out that they met each other at a very young age in an amusement park.

Couple Dance

The girl who was once not satisfied dancing with the man at a school party met the same man again as her husband and they danced together.

Love Never Dies

When you are in love, you commit to staying together like this couple who are still together after 48 years.

Love At First Sight

Both met each other at the merry-go-round and started liking each other but didn’t express their feelings until they entered high school.

That’s Destiny

They knew each other from the days of their childhood and we can say that they are made for each other.

Diving Relation

The girl is from Canada and the boy from France but they first met in Thailand during a diving expedition. Even after 3 years, they are together.

Love, Love

Alex started liking Adam when they first met at a wedding party but the girl expressed her feelings only when they met again at another party after many years.

Friends In Love

Michael and Natalie, who were born in Saudi Arabia were good friends but lost touch and then found each other over social media after 20 years and decided to get married.

Medical Attention

Chris was a donor for Heather who needed a liver transplant but they never saw each other and later got married to each other.

Online Chat

The two used to chat with each other daily without knowing that they work next to each other. Their romance started even before they met.