20 Water Fountain DIY For Unique Small Garden

  • 11:43 pm March 29, 2018
  • delcy

Well looks like fountain is not only for big garden, when you feel like to do something DIY for your garden and it doesn't mean you have to waste a lot of money. These unique water fountain will give you more ideas in decorating your garden. So, here are the most beautiful water fountain for your small garden.

The pot one

When you don't want to use that vase

Rain drop

Wedding decor one


Great use of that utensils

Rock bottom

The clay one

Creative though!

When you can't waste that one pot

Oh! damn plastic

Down to stairway

Cave one

Stone always works wonders

When you don't want to throw that!

AH! vintage one

Well, Well, Well!

I am in love with a shape of you

Damn! great wall