10 Beautiful Women Who Were Actually Born Male

  • 10:41 am July 5, 2018
  • vignesh

Technology has grown up by leaps and bounds.It has enabled people to be who they really want to be. What we are trying to say here is gender change is no more a problem. Men could become women if they wish to and vice-versa, because of the possibility of sex-change operations. People born male can choose to become women through a surgery of gender reassignment. And the surprising fact is, they eventually turn out to be more attractive than a lot of the women who were born in the same gender.

Florencia Trinidad

Florencia was popularly known as Flor de la V, as an Argentine actress, a television personality, a vidette and a comedian. She was the first transgender in the country of Argentine.She was born as Roberto Carlos Trinidad, the family was located in Villa Los Lirios.

Christine Jorgensen

She was an American transgender woman and was the first person in the US for having a gender reassignment surgery. It was an early step for the LGBTs rights in the US.

She traveled to Europe and in the capital city of Denmark- Copenhagen, she obtained special permission to undergo a series of surgeries starting in 1951.

Andreja Pejic

She is an Australian who came out as a transgender in 2013. Andreja Pejic is a supermodel and is beautiful than her own colleagues.

Before she came out as a trans woman in late 2013, Pejić was known as the first completely androgynous (one who exhibits both male and female characteristics) supermodel. Today, she is one of the most recognisable transgender models in the world.

Claudia Charriez

She became really famous after her appearance in “America’s Next Top Model” and was disqualified for not being born as a female biologically.This incident spurred her a lot.

She then competed in a similar competition for the transgenders and made it.

Chanel Santini

She is mainly known for the adult films she starred in and received the gender rearrangement surgery at a very young age.

She is considered to be the prettiest transgender alive. Chanel is only 19 and was brought up in New Mexico. Who would believe she was born male?

Jenna Talackova

She is from Canada and gained huge media traction when she waged a battle stating gender reassigned contestants be allowed to compete in Miss Universe Canada because she was disqualified for not being biologically born as a female.

Caroline Cossey

She was an English model, born in 1954. She is quite easily the most popular trans women.

She even made an appearance in a James Bond movie and was the first to pose as a playboy and had to really struggle to legally get married and be given the status of a woman.

Laverne Cox

She has been a torchbearer for LGBT rights and also an actress from America. She has appeared on the TV for Vh1’s reality show, “I Want to Work for Diddy”.

Gigi Gorgeous

She is a Canadian Model and is quite an interesting internet personality.

Gigi has her own YouTube channel wherein she publishes her content and is amazingly beautiful. She has also appeared in a lot of television shows like Access.

Carmen Carrera

Carmen Carrera is a 32 years old American transgender woman who was a male by birth.

She is a model, a television personality and is also known for appearing in the season three of series of RuPaul’s Drag Race.