Did You Know These Facts About Our Brain Which Prove We're Capable Of Anything

  • 12:47 pm April 6, 2018
  • delcy

Our Brain is the most powerful weapon, which proves that our brain is capable of anything and you will find a way to achieve almost everything. After all great innovation and invention we take it for granted . So , here are most amazing facts about our brain that works 24/7.

Reality and fantasy

Our brain has no distinction between reality and fantasy, if we visualize the world with positive perspective you have positive vibes and visualizing with tainted glass creates negative vibrations. This is the reason we feel scared while watching horror movies.

Our brain needs training

The brain is no different from muscles, it also need training, learning, fresh air, healthy eating, sound sleep, traveling to new places, new activities, dancing and playing. Similarly, if we train our brain our psyche gets nourished.

Your brain doesn't sleep

The brain is an organ that never fatigue, it never takes rest not even while sleeping. The idea of brain getting tired emerges only from our emotions. Even the amount of blood flow in the veins of the human body who has worked all day changes the blood flow to the brain will always remain constant.

Positive thinking

Our life experiences is first conceptualized in the brain. the thought turn into the life experiences. That is why it is said if you want to change the world, change your thinking first.


Our brain need meditation,The answer is we can eliminate thousands of negative thoughts. We should give active rest to the brain. Meditation is a form of active rest and it’s the most useful kind of relaxation.

To train the brain to erase it

In Computer or Phone memory, we can store new information only by erasing old information, isn’t it? Similarly in the brain to save new memories, our brain needs to get rid of old ones. So it is important to train the brain what should be forgotten and what should be remembered.

It doesn't feel the pain

The most interesting aspect of Brain is it can only react to our pain but it doesn’t have receptors to feel the pain. However, the blood vessels, nerves, and tissue attached to the brain can sense the pain.


Often Psychologists ask us to train our brain in a positive direction. This is possible because the brain has the ability to make new and instant connections with fresh neurons. As the Brain has this inherent capability training the brain to think positively should not be a difficult task for any human. The brain automatically gives opportunities to realize our goal