NASA Released Over 10,000 Pictures From The Apollo Moon Mission After All That Conspiracy Theories

  • 2:25 pm March 28, 2018
  • delcy

When we come across social media, some tend to be conspiracy theoris, like if its not alien attack or is this planet safe or no. Well, there are lot of theories that goes around the corner but without proof. So in 2015 , NASA finally had enough and decided to release over 10,000 pictures from the Apollo Moon Mission. Here, are the one of the few pictures that was released.

An astronaut always on work

When it landed on moon

Apollo 7 Lunar Module

Astronaut and his vehicle Apollo 17, 1972

The Moon: This is how it looks

The picture of Apollo project archive

Moon walk

Apollo 11 space mission

A picture of a shuttle from the moon

Astronaut in action