10 Ways You’ve Been Cleaning Your Kitchen Wrong All Along

  • 2:46 pm May 21, 2018
  • vignesh

Kitchen is the only place in our entire home where we expect some sort of sanity and cleanliness. No matter in what shape or the condition other rooms are, it is quite important for us to maintain hygiene of a quite high standard in kitchen. This is the place where we cook food and serve to others, so it is only obvious that we set the basic right in kitchen.

The Reusable Bags

Though they may sound good for the environment but just give this a thought for a moment: you’re putting in raw meats, you’re touching dirty grocery carts and then touching your bags.

So just go ahead and make sure you clean the bags!

Air-dye your cast iron pan

If you are going to follow such mind numbing antics, then nothing could prevent your pan from rusting.

No one purpose cleaner

You simply can't shine and clean your stainless steel vessel using an all purpose cleaner.

Get one specifically made for stainless steel and then wipe with the grain.

Glassware in dishwasher

This might primarily be a reason why classic glassware are no nowhere in fashion.

One should wash all the glassware with hands, separating them from normal utensils

Cleaning the Water Filter

If you are not a strong believer of washing the water filet and it has been months since you have done this, stop all what you have been doing and go clean the filter.

Organising spoons

No matter you are a handle up or handle down kind of person, you're probably organising them all the same way.

They're actually going to get cleaned better if you distribute some handle up and some handle down.

Cutting boards are meant to be cleaned

Make sure that you are cleaning your cutting boards with not only soap and water but also disinfect the board with bleach since you cut raw meat on that.

Cleaning the handles and knobs

Whoever visits your home tends to touch the handle and use the knobs.

So, it makes perfect sense to clean as often as possible to get rid of the germs!

Knives in the dishwasher

Okay this is it, we are done explaining

They are not meant for dishwashers! Wash them separately! No excuses!

Disposal of garbage

This is something which completely boils down to how lazy you are Do flush them out regularly and remember to send down ice cubes and lemon peels to deodorise.