9 Short Girl Problems Every Woman Can Relate To!

  • 4:40 pm March 6, 2018
  • Hazel

Our sympathies with them!

Steering Wheels

She cant even look over the steering wheels to find what lies ahead , maybe these might be the reason why women drivers has been associated as bad drivers. Always the butt of all jokes that why women drivers are never trusted, but it is surely might be the reason .

Am a stand for everyone

That is the sad part, am used as a stand for my friends, not fair right? Well why god why, these might not be good thing to use as stand. When even your friends treats you like a stand always a fun part for them but always irritating for short girls.

Am shortest even in my group

Am the shortest one even in my group, Why God why did you choose me, and everyone doesn't take me seriously. Well short girls are always butt of all jokes in a group and everyone trying to be your mom and your opinion never matters to anyone.

Chair is taller

That sad moment when I realise and see that even my chair is taller than me, and reality strikes. Because you never grow up and always secretly wish for something good to happen, but something or the other shows you the mirror. And even you feel the same as that wish you could be taller.

Mirror is out of reach

When I realise that even the mirror is out of reach, I pity myself! Looks like , even the mirror also doesn't take us seriously. And you gotta struggle for everything. And even you doesn't even feel like princess who can ask the mirror rather the mirror only will degrade us.

Touching Heights

I cant even reach this heights, is there any equality in this world? Well these is relatable struggle that you face everyday, and even the kitchen is not meant to be for short girls. And world falls apart because you can't even have a normal life.

Romance Problems

I cant even seem to kiss my boyfriend, forget romancing! And everytime I have to struggle to kiss and ended up in hugging him. Well these world will only revolve around his chest and nothing else.

Self Help

When will come that day, when I would hold it on my own, Well these will be couple goals but Guys don't wanna date a short girls. And it will really look like a hanging girl, because everyday you struggle for everything.

Rainy Day

I cant even seem to do this, will I ever be able to do the normal stuff or resign it to fate , And even you can't, even the umbrella is not meant to be with you. Its better to get wet rather than suffer for one umbrella.