Beauty Alert: 8 Female Israeli Soldiers Who Could Have Been Beauty Queens!

  • 1:23 am June 13, 2018
  • vignesh

If looks could land anyone in bars they would be frontrunners in this. If you have a first fleeting look at them you would surely mistake them for being models or beauty queens, such is the charm these select few female Israeli soldiers exude that you would be pleasantly taken aback.We respect these women for making some brave choices in life.

She does it with elan

We are pretty sure she must be a great threat to the enemies as well.

She seems to carry great confidence both on the battleground as well off it, this image is a fine example of the same.

Comfortable in her own shoes

She seems to be acing the military look in more ways than one we are self confessed fans there is no doubt about that, just look at that smile it is enough to bring down the opposition.

How graceful is she

She isn't bogged down by the duties at the border she is a fighter and will show every ounce of it.

We can see here posing and take our word she is quite pretty a fact not many would deny.

Israeli Army is wonderful

We have no qualms in admitting that the bunch of female Israeli soldiers are too beautiful to be true, we mean it seems more of a fashion parade than an army but any which ways who we are to complain.

What can we say

We are completely floored by the variance between this two pictures, one she is a proud soldier while second she oozes plenty of boldness and carries that too with amazing elan.

We are still thinking

When you wonder what more can a women do here are some great examples through whom we can draw inspiration about how to handle various aspects of life here she is managing serving the nation while at the same time maintaining a fabulous body.

She is quite conscious

When it comes to keeping it nice and trendy she must be one of the torchbearers in the Israeli female army as she is quite keen to click pictures even while donning the uniform.

She is slaying it

We don't get the point when on earth do they get this much time to pose, style themselves and be ramp ready every time, but we must say she is surely slaying it like no other.