8 Hilarious Pictures That Will Make You Cry Laughing

  • 11:36 am June 1, 2018
  • vignesh

The internet is completely ruled with negative vibes these days and unfortunately these pieces are the which sell like hot cakes. But what is life if its full of care and we don’t have time to stand and stare. This is one such classic compilation where we promise to bring the floor down with laughter. What we are trying to basically say is if you are on the lookout for a good laugh, this is exactly the place to be. So let out a good smile and stay the happy you.

When life gives you lemons

We know there are certain situations in everyone's life when we think that things are not going our way but humour and presence of mind keeps us going, this is exactly what has happened here.

Life threw lemon at us, we made sure it doesn't go wasted, we made lasagna

Omelette having an off day

We are certain to have our moments when suddenly everything comes apart but not sure what trouble this egg underwent which has forced it to make such a sorry face, we empathise with you buddy.

She tried so hard

Sometimes we just go too far to make sure the joke doesn't fall flat on our face but this is exactly what has happened here, but full marks for attempt though and yes anyone interested in getting their phones charged.

Self Indulgence

Many a times there are moments when we get too self indulgent for our own good without even rationalising for a second.

This one is a classic case where you see the guys thinks the man in the poster is looking out for him.

A hand which gives

Most of you would be taken aback by just the first glance at the hand but let us tell you that it is just wooden dust and nothing else, but this for sure is crazy, at least we think so.

Sure shot way of charging

This is what happens when clumsiness takes over organising things ad you are just left to rue the fact that what could have been.

For heaven's sake let us tell people that the phone isn't charging.

Potato Wedges

When we first saw this we surely were caught thinking what exactly is this a closer second look made us realise that the guy pulled off quite a nice one.

Giving credit where its due, the guy won this one, nice.

We thought it only transacts money

What a fine invention this swiping machine, we always wondered how life has become post such inventions and then we see something like this, which keeps us thinking, crazy world this.