10 Airport Security Staff Making It Super Awkward

  • 4:05 pm June 18, 2018
  • vignesh

Travelling is never easy lets get this right out there, it is always a difficult task. A task that is only made worse by long lines and awkward random checks. These airport pat-downs will make you feel much better about your own experiences. We just wish that none of you come across such ordeal while you are a frequent air traveller.

What she could be doing

We aren't sure what exactly this old lady might be doing that she is interrogated so much and with such high intensity, we aren't really sure what's in their minds.

Having a sneak peek

We aren't always sure with the methods of the airport staff and their preventive measures a case in point being this check, we mean really something out there.

Okay that's fine you may proceed

Truth is always stranger than fiction we knew this cliche but what we never knew was that this totally works and how.

Just look at the way airport staff is tackling this gentleman and the rest is history.

Its all part of the job

We wish we could be given such a wonderful job we mean seriously just look at the ease of the work and you could even get away with some strange random checking all part of the job you see.

Few surely go crazy

Just for once think about how it must feel for ones at the receiving end for no wrongdoing of theirs.

Our empathies are surely with them, since we know all such experiences turn you bitter the next time you travel.

Is that even allowed

Can anyone tell us whether this is even allowed, we don't know what are the guidelines and permissible limits but this is surely stretching it too far isn't it.

Do you really think so

There are certain people who generally do give suspicious vibes and they are easy prey for the security staff to question and interrogate but we aren't really sure whether she deserves to be questioned.

A good place to exercise

We believe there are many better places to exercise and stay fit but least we imagined that airport might be one of them, but to our surprise we are asked to do the same, strange isn't it.

A dream job, all agree?

Who will refuse such an offer of not examining tourists and travellers and even if half of them turn out to be half as good as she is then it a bonus and imagine if we are served bonus daily.

We first though something else

The first impression of this lady was that she traveled in such an outfit that invited severe security but later on we realised that she was asked to shed this for the purpose of security.