10 Interesting Facts About China Which Prove This Country Is A Totally Different World

  • 3:25 pm July 23, 2018
  • vignesh

This is one country about whom we had heard a lot, some speculations some assumptions but all of this has led to the huge myth of what China is. Doesn’t matter if we have been to China and we love the local cuisine and learn the language, chances are, pretty high that you might not quite understand what this country really is. After all why on earth the Chinese need a long nail on their pinky? Why shouldn’t you stick chopsticks in rice? Do Chinese people think that they are polite? China is one of those countries which raises more pertinent questions the more you try to find out about it.

The men love themselves

Even though far fetched this is true mostly for the younger generation.

Men quite happily use all kinds of perfumes, they get super-trendy hairstyles, they dye their hair, and put a lot of time and money into their wardrobe.

The difference between 2 Chinese men of different generations is amazing: adult men barely care about their clothes, let alone hairstyles and facial creams.

What matters is how attractive you are

It doesn’t really matter if the Western people are polite or not — they are definitely very attractive. It’s because they have big eyes and pale skin.

The nationality doesn’t even matter, what matters is that you look “European” so you can be on the cover of a fashion magazine.

What a peculiar diet

One more quirky thing about China they have a weird practice. They boil eggs in urine. This recipe is called Virgin boy eggs and it’s very simple: a bucket of urine is collected from boys under the age of 10.

The eggs cooked this way are approximately 4 times more expensive than regular eggs, so they are considered to be a delicacy.

Their skin preferences

The Chinese have their good terms for people with dark skin. If you are well acquainted with the local language, don’t be surprised if you hear an expression “coffee person.” Most likely, they are talking about a black person they know.

Not so strict you know

The Chinese have a good taste for drinking.

Mostly, they prefer beer that they buy in boxes for parties. By the way, alcohol and cigarettes are sold even to teenagers.

However, it’s virtually impossible to see a drinking or a smoking child here: local children just don’t do that.

Skilled drivers

The cab drivers there are skilled enough to avoid any kind of mishap and make sure their customers are scot free, they may look risky at times but things stay safe always.

Don't touch anyone

Chinese people prefer handshakes only when in business meetings or dealing with any foreigners.

If someone hands over a business card, try to take it and put it in your wallet as carefully as you can since business cards symbolise people, so you should respect them to show your respect toward the person.

Women take to military

The fairer gender makes up around 5% of the total military staff. The army provides a great education, training, and career opportunities, so it’s very popular among young Chinese women.

Almost all female soldiers serve in traditional roles as nurses and military support personnel. Just look at these charming soldiers!

There are no forks in China

When you go to a typical Chinese cafe, the thumb rule is there are no forks. Even if a meal with chopsticks is a challenge for you, try getting familiar with since you don't have any other option.

Pyjamas for business

In China, pajamas are not just for bedtime.

More and more people wear pajamas to business meetings, dinners, and walks. It’s great that they can wear the clothes they feel comfortable in and not be ashamed.