8 Richest Politicians Who are Ruling The World With Their Money

  • 11:45 am February 9, 2019
  • vignesh

When we hear the word politicians we always think about a rich person with great power who just rules the world with his money. A politicians role is to develop his country for the wellbeing of his people but there are some politicians who are known for misusing their powers. Here we have listed some politicians whose faces are known across the world and their net worth it is almost billions that can fix many world problems.

Vladimir Putin

He is not only popular in his own country but all around the world and many people are fascinated with his way of living. He is one of the richest politicians with his net with almost $ 18.4 billion. During his rule as a prime minister and also the chairman of United Russia, he made more money and fame that made him in the top list of the richest people across the world.

Sonia Gandhi

Sonia Gandhi is one of the known faces in India and she is also among the richest politicians all around the world. Sonia is from Italy but she married an Indian politician Rajiv Gandhi in 1968 thereby acquiring both countries nationality. She became a national face of India after joining politics and her husband's leadership come upon her shoulder immediately. Being the face of Indian congress currently her net worth is almost $ 19.2 billion.

Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz

He is the king of Saudi Arabia and his entire wealth comes from reputed oil and with some resources of the sheiks. Well, many people think that Arabian people like to waste money but Abdullah proved them wrong as he literally thrived his money for a better standard of education for the people. He has many controls over the ministers and is the acting prime minister of the country. His net worth is $ 21 billion, and people titled him as the king in 2005.

Savitri Jindal

Savitri Jindal is the second richest woman in India. And being the member of a legislative assembly she is also the richest politician in terms of her political career that lasted 5 years. Her net worth almost $ 13.2 billion and is the chairperson of Jindal steel, she tops 16th position in richest Indian all around the world.

Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan

Being the president of Abu Dhabi, he literally controls reserves of oil in his country. His family is reputed to have a net worth of $ 150 billion that made him to the top list of richest politician all over the country.

Hassanal Bolkiah

This sultan of Brunei maintains the resources of gas and oil. It has been said that he owns almost 8000 cars which worth millions. He is also the commander of Royal armed forces in his country while his net worth is almost $20 billion.

Michael Bloomberg

Before joining politics, this Harvard genius actually started his career with the line of business. He not only thrive his hand on various economy sources but also developed projects for the city’s wellbeing. His net worth tops almost $ 37.2 billion and it is still growing on because of his contribution to many research, education, and arts for the people.

Silvio Berlusconi

Silvio’s story will inspire you as he first started his career with being a vacuum cleaner seller and his little income can’t sustain his expenses. He developed his own new business that grew rapidly and soon he launch his own company. His progress over business not only made him popular but got the membership in the Italian Parliament. His net worth stands $ 7.8 billion entering into the top list richest politicians all around the world.