9 Essential Things Everyone Should Remember When Connecting to Free Wi-Fi

  • 2:49 pm March 24, 2018
  • pallavi

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Internet, a term that nowadays is not at all a thing of concern even for a common man. And, when it is about getting a free Wi-Fi connection, it’s like reaching cloud nine, right? We always get excited when we receive free access to any public Wi-Fi, but you must know that accessing a public W-Fi has many hazardous effects to all your personal information, from contacts to even losing funds from your bank account. This may sound a bit surprising to you, but with this article, we ensure you that if you keep certain things in mind while accessing the free Wi-Fi, you will no longer be a victim of Web Fraud.

Do Not Use Internet Banking

The soundproof way to secure your bank funds is to avoid making online transactions over any public Wi-Fi.

Turn Off Wi-Fi

If you are not using the Wi-Fi, make sure that you turn it off which in-turn helps to resolve three basic issues: rapid discharge of your battery, automatic connection to a fraudulent network, and annoying ad emails. For an added security, you can also add an extension called DoNotTrackMe to your browser, so that the device cannot track you by anyway.

Connect Using VPN

Connecting through VPN, you will stay anonymous while online and the websites you enter will not access your IP address, but it will see a virtual IP address.

Don’t Let Your Device Remember The Network

If you save any public Wi-Fi to your device, they will create their own access point with the same name and can access all your private information.

Name Of The Network

The name of the public Wi-Fi is always a thing to look on. The main difference is that an authentic hotspot requires an authorization, while the fake one is free to use.

Antivirus Installation

Always install a good antivirus on your device to keep all your private information safe and secure from online attacks.

Choose Network With Two-Stage Authentication

Any network that doesn’t require any authentication means that it is fraudulent.

Encrypting Passwords

Like many who just save the passwords on their devices is pure carelessness because it would be much easier for web criminals to steal your private information. So instead saving them, always uses a password manager in order to encrypt your important information or passwords.

Website’s URL

Always check the URL’s you are accessing a free Wi-Fi because a fake network might redirect you to well-known websites. Also, if you see any weird character in the URL, then it signals that you are on track or the website is not authentic. Like for an example, and are not same. If you are having a secure browser then it will help you to detect all such difference and also warns you.

So, at last, I would recommend you to install HTTPS extension everywhere to secure your websites from any type of online fraud.