10 Mysterious Islands That Hold Age Old Secrets

  • 12:38 pm February 9, 2019
  • vignesh

A holiday destination should always be something interesting and when we have some mysteries to solve, what better vacation would compete? Well, here are some of the most mysterious islands that you would definitely enjoy visiting and what secrets they hold is enough intriguing to check these places out!

Goqui Island

This island proves that nature always wins. This was initially a fishing village and since it was abandoned mother nature took over by covering the streets with the soft green blankets. Taking back what was once Mother natures!

“Underwater waterfall” illusion at Mauritius island

The Mauritius Island is well known for the illusion of the underwater waterfall makes it a tropical paradise. From above, the whole island looks magical as the deposits of soil gives away the “underwater waterfall” illusion.

Bouvet Island

The most remote island was discovered by French Commander Jean-Baptiste Charles Bouvet de Lozier. The volcanic island that is so remote that one must travel 2,600 km to find land that is inhabited on a full-time basis.

Clipperton Island

Clipperton is a tropical island. It is a tiny, ring-shaped atoll lying towards the southwest coast of Mexico approximately 1,000 kilometers. It is covered in hard, pointy coral and lots of little crabs.

Ernst Thälmann Island

The tiny island near Cuba was discovered by Ernst Thälmann and gave it to the German Democratic Republic but since the Berlin Wall fell and West-East Germany united. This tiny piece of the island wasn’t mentioned in any of the documents and is left abandoned as the last piece of East Germany

Palmyra Atoll

Palmyra Atoll is one of the most isolated places here on earth. It is formed by corals and has the most wonderful lagoons. The dense forest and the marine life makes it look like heaven. But there have been mysterious disappearances of ships which is why there have been many superstitions.

Vulcan Island

This Island has derived its name because there is a lake in the center of the island which is flooded with a crater of a volcano. This is also called Taal Vulcano and it is situated in the north of the Philippines.

Fort Carroll

Owning an island is something only the rich can do. But this island is cheaper and anyone can buy this one. But no one wants to buy this cheap island.

Socotra Island

This island looks like it is from another planet, as it has a very different vibe than the ones on earth. This is Socotra Island and it has trees with umbrella shapes top. Myths also suggest that this was the actual garden of Eden. Fun Fact: The trees found here have very different and is found nowhere else on earth.

Diavik Diamond Mine

This island is a Diamond mine, a big one at that. This is called the Diavik Diamond Mine. It is located in northern Canada and produced more than 100 million carats of diamonds in the past 15 years.