7 Common Things Will Get You Into Trouble In Foreign Countries If You Don't Follow Them

  • 4:45 pm February 13, 2019
  • vignesh

They are many laws that should be followed by everyone and if you are planning for a trip to these places then we should warn you first because after reaching there you should know more about the do's and don't's of these places more than we do.

Chewing Gum

Singapore is the country where you will find everything in its neat and tidy place nothing displaced because of they sign a huge amount if they saw people doing or littering the roads with suspicious stuff in public areas. Well, this may sound weird but they also don't sell chewing gum on any shops as they have banned the country from using it, so if you are going there then you should learn the do's and don't of the place.


It is banned in the east African city named Burundi where they don't allow anyone to jog with two or more people as it gives an excuse to uprising or planning for activities that are suspectable. They wouldn't suspect anyone who is jogging alone but with the group, you can be landed in jail.

Living Together

In the United Arab Emirates, people are strictly banned to live together before marriage as in their case the couple has to be married or else they will send you to prison.

No Valentine's Day

While every state and country is celebrating Valentine's day here are some places like Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are against this tradition of gratification because in their eyes this kind of festival doesn't focus on god.

Public Display of Affection

Well, in India you are not allowed to show any kind of intimate public display of affection in public areas. The society there considered this affection as offendable and going directly against the law will put in a punishable act.

Eating in Public

This is a holy tradition but it should be followed by everyone whether you are Muslim or not as in the country like United Arab you will see the whole country following the tradition of not eating and drinking in public during the day of Ramadan.

No Liquor

In Saudi Arabia, people are banned from the consumption of any kind of liquor and they also prohibited shops from selling it because in Muslim customs this is against their god.