10 Best Photographs Taken Without Using Photoshop

  • 1:31 am May 18, 2018
  • vignesh

A picture has so much to say, it captures all the essence of the moment, the environment, the people, the emotions. But thanks to photoshop and plenty of cool filters nowadays the purity of good old pictures have slowly eroded. This is what makes the list of images below to stand out, since they were done without using any modern day gimmick.

How beautifully conceived

We never imagined what a perfect moment is until we saw this image

It has imagination and creativity written all over it, we are mighty impressed.

Construction post destruction

A temple built completely in ash hence the grey color, that's not it, a temple created a post a volcanic eruption

What a message one is trying to spread from this picture, absolutely commendable.

Time to stand all

Amidst all noise and pollution, we all secretly wish for a peaceful background in our lives

And when we say this we are exactly speaking of this image

Caught in the hustle

In Scotland there is a place which has been completely intertwined with spider web, a pleasing image to the eyes though.

Across the roads

We never thought to have windmills and highway roads on the other side of the road would add so much to nature.

what we first thought as an energy saving resource soon feels like a monumental beauty.

A birth anniversary to remember

What a special moment to commemorate the 100th birth anniversary of North Korean founder Kim II-sung.

An iconic moment for an iconic personality.

We wish to be there

Have you ever dreamt of living a life in the Arctic, well even we never thought of it, until we saw this picture.

Just some pour tea into the hot air and see how magic takes over, a sight to behold

A road which divides

A countryside on one and the city dwellings on the other, how colorful in contrast

Exactly that is how this road in New York has been conceived.

Lets head over there

Nature at its ultimate best, in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives where would we find time to catch an eagle soaring over beautiful waters.

Can this even be real

Which of these is the sky and which part of heaven is the land, we don't know for real

Maybe this umbrella might help answer our questions