12 Terrible Wedding Dresses That Will Scare The Groom Away

  • 12:10 pm September 1, 2018
  • vignesh

While we all understand how important wedding is and the wedding date even more so, but at times we end up making few decisions which we chose to regret later. The most ridiculous wedding dresses of all time!We know it’s all about you and you want to be in all your guests’ memories but please…

Are you sure?

Here's a doubt! Please tell me if it is a wedding gown or a lichen growing on her body!

How is she even walking?

Malfunction at it worse!

Burst the bubble

Who wants to burst it? groom will not remove her dress but he will burst it. LOL!

Explosive dress

What is she trying to hide in this dress?

So Long Dress

Why the hell she wasted so much cloth!

Odd couple

Worst dress ever!

Incredibly terrible

I think the clothes should be use in the correct place rather than placing it down

Mumma bride

This is how mummy brides were! How could she even enjoy her day with cover me all gown! That's awful!

Where did she get that

We aren't sure what made her choose this

Maternity Wedding Gown

What exactly is that? Family planning gown and a maternity dress together! Great idea, seriously!

Didn't want to waste money in dress

Painted Their Body!

Three Layer Cake

It is so horrible to wear this on the wedding day