8 Insane Sporting Fails

  • 12:06 pm June 4, 2018
  • vignesh

Sports is one thing which definitely rejuvenates everyone and people who are passionate about it then there is absolutely no stopping them. They get so involved in the sport that they leave no room for any other trivial matters. Case in point being all these samples here where we see that people have been so much engrossed in their act that they don’t even care about what’s going on around them and this is what separates the best from the rest.

We don't know what went wrong

We for once know that she is quite good at what she is doing.

At times it happens that swimmers don't vine realise what is up at stakes and what happens when the camera catches you with some weird stuff.

Return game is strong

This happens to be one of those games when you are caught in the rally and you try your level best to ace the return game and then the camera catches you awkwardly.

She is ready to serve

This is quite usual while you are playing professional level tennis, when you hold your serving ball in your trouser and while you get ready to serve, such images are captured.

Which sport are they playing

We have seen people getting far too aggressive while playing and in the heat of the moment they even get carried away at times, this is one such example of taking it too far.

Goal scoring spree

Football is such an adrenaline building sport where you are literally in the game for the entire stretch of minimum 90 minutes and there are plenty of cases which involve such incidents.

Sometimes intentional tackles are part of the overall strategy just to make sure the opposition's momentum is broken

Band of girls

We have seen this uniform quite a few times now but we still wonder what the makers where thinking when they came up this uniform design.

Gearing up for match point

When you are in the zone nothing much matters for a sportsperson not even how they look or how they are appearing on screen, what matters to them is that point that goal and rightly so, it should always stay that away.

All set for play

The most hardest thing to do while being on court is to concentrate.

Since there are many supporters as well as detractors who try to take away the gaze from you by cheering or jeering you down, so to leave that all behind and play is no easy task.