Cheetah Spots Napping Photographer In Wild - She Approaches, But Not To Eat Him

  • 7:31 pm September 18, 2018
  • suhas

Scared of animals? Well, you are just about to see something that'll bambozzle your mind like never before. Also, if you are scared of Cheetahs, chances are that you are going to start loving them after this. Take a look...

Wild Animals

Wild animals are scary, yes they are! I am yet to personally meet a single human being who did not shit in his/her pants with the presence of a wild animal in the vicinity. You simply cannot keep calm.

But wait till you meet Dolph C. Volker, a wild life photographer with a degree in Zoology!

Dolph C. Volker

Volker's love for animals crossed the line into advocacy after he began to volunteer at the Cheetah Experience in South Africa. In case you just got curious, The Cheetah Experience is a sanctuary that raises awareness for endangered species and ethically breeds cheetahs in captivity.

Right here when he was volunteering one fine evening, something happened that changed Volker's perspective about wilds!

When He Was Asleep!

Just like any other sane human, Volker was pretty afraid of approaching Cheetah's at first. But then a Cheetah named Eden approached Volker while he was sleeping under a tree.

Pretty freaky, right? But wait till you realize what happened next!

The Turn!

Eden eventually decided that she liked Volker and decided to snuggle up with him. Now they are the best of friends. Yes, instead of killing him, that Cheetah decided to snuggle up with him.

“True to Eden’s nature, she warmed up to me in days and ended up really liking me, so much so that I was able to trust her completely. The more she felt comfortable with me, the more she treated me just like another Cheetah which included the grooming, nibbling, biting, pacifying, purring, laying on me, and sleeping… cuddling up close to me. I’m amazed how much more interactive and affectionate Cheetahs are compared to the average domesticated cat,” Volker writes.

All About The Treatment!

Volker has become so close to cheetahs that he now calls himself “The Cheetah Whisperer.” If treated right, even wild animals can become best of friends with us. Its all about how we treat them really!