10 Ironic And Hard Hitting Truths About Our Life

  • 1:18 pm May 23, 2018
  • vignesh

There are certain realities of our life no matter how hard we chose to ignore them they stay with us in the back of our minds constantly asking us questions which are sure to make us uncomfortable.Such is the way of life we just cannot do anything about it, try reflecting at times if possible and make the smallest of changes which could bring in a change in the bigger context.

Journey of Life

A man when born has to undergo different phases of life no matter what

And at each phase there is so much to learn from everything, hope people realise that life is a journey and not a destination

Put things into their place

At times we start taking things a bit too much for granted, a not so healthy practise this.

But we very soon realise that this habit has now turned to a rut and cant be evaded anytime soon

Obsession over skin

We are at times confounded by our own hypocrisies and double standards.

At once we speak of the society as a whole but ourselves create a barrier on the basis of race, skin, colour and religion.