10 Selfie Addicts Who Just Went Too Far

  • 11:37 am May 28, 2018
  • vignesh

Selfies are not so much an in thing anymore. People have become obsessed with clicking selfies, no matter what the age, gender capturing selfies has become a must. It seems quite embarrassing at times when the elderly folks in the family insist on taking selfies. But thats fine still the main problem arises when we don’t even realise the borderline safety while taking selfies, here’s mainly a list of those cases where people have just gone a bit too far.

I own this gadget type

This is the main problem which people of this generation, the need to showcase whatever I own on social media and seek validation.

This is one such prime example.

When you speak about flexibility

We have seen people flexing their muscles quite a bit, but this one surely takes the cake, we mean who does stuffs like this.

Assuming that it is either the beginning of the day or at night, to so precisely click a selfie while brushing one's teeth, good lord.