8 Pictures Of Rare Things That Happen Once In A Lifetime

  • 6:15 pm June 6, 2018

If you felt you have seen everything when it comes to memes, think again. This is just the tip of iceberg you are in for some pleasant surprises. Daily we have new trends and trolls which take over the web, so here’s a compilation of all thing funny and cool.

He discovered the start

We are often captivated by the mesmerising beauty of rainbow.

But we are always at our wit's end to identify from where exactly does the rainbow begin, how to find that.

Luckily we have an answer now this is how it starts.

We just did that

Whole our life was based on this fact that those cartoons were real, those tubes were for life our moment in the sun, but never ever did we think this could be it, yes we have uncovered the fact and these are the real Teletubbies, we are sorry we did that.

Too good to be true

Most people find traveling to their office as the most cumbersome thing to do.

Weather often plays a part in this, a person is left all bitter and exasperated on his journey.

But there are certain occasions when the unexpected happens and what you get is a weather and a skyline like this.

Plain Wow, just Wow!

We have received pictures from thousands of users wherein they had shown us plenty of amazing snaps taken from hordes of fantastic places.

But this picture is right up there with the very best, the slope of Norway how breathtaking is that, we are bowled for sure.

Fell asleep while bathing

Its an often heard saying that while we are taking a shower in the morning most of us are half asleep and we are just going through our monotonous motion then.

But this is probably the first we saw someone who had slept while having a bath, we mean who does that

Is she really her

We have seen many ladies who carry their long locks with elan and it is generally considered to be quite attractive when a woman has such long hair.

But this lady all set in her office reminds us of Rapunzel, and doesn't her resemble exactly like her

How rare is it?

We have seen many interior decorations for homes and we hadn't exactly found anything unique apart from some regular stuff.

But this one design took us by complete surprise, a window frame between the kitchen units how amazing.

When the storm brews

One of the most expensive and busiest cities in the world is famous for its skyscrapers which literally touch the sky.

So when the storm brews and the sky is enveloped with clouds this is how the skyline looks, a sight for the eye.