8 Times When Cheating Game And Its Revenge Escalated Pretty Bad

  • 12:53 pm May 30, 2018
  • vignesh

Infidelity is something which disturbs the harmony of most of the people. This is something which could be easily avoidable but people cant get enough of giving in to temptations. This is the single biggest factor affecting relationships all over the world. But sometimes there is a repartee to the things we do and people respond back just as a boomerang.

A gift wrap to remember

Never ever would he have thought that this might go so very wrong but to his dismay it did.

For all what he did when he cheated on her for over 300 times this is the best possible gift he could receive.

Now this isn't right

Professional rivalries are healthy without a doubt, but sometimes when it comes to mudslinging things are not all that pretty.

Here we see an example of an employee catering more to the rival than his home-grown.

He surely knows a thing

We have known people who don't take to cheating kindly, not that it is a thing which is supposed to be taken in that manner.

But here is this guy who is winning the Internet after he went live with this post of retribution.

Jessy you are a winner

This one is ice cool as compared to her ilk, she has very softly and subtly stated to her partner that isn't something which she will be taking lying down.

A lovely message

This one is a polite warning about how his girlfriend had cheated him and has asked his successor to not take the girl quite seriously otherwise even he would be writing this letter to some one other.

They have taken it to the next level

We have seen couples fiddling with different stuffs using bizarre tools possible to make things work but this one certainly takes the cake for being far too cool.

Wifi connection credentials to be validated before meeting, gosh people these days.

Now he is a true friend

He went to this length to save his friend from getting found out I mean who does things like this, acting as if he is still in bed.Bravo buddy well done we don't know the outcome though.

This is what you call having the cake

He has very well made sure that he has the cake as well keep it to himself I fine act when you think of in the terms of giving it back as good as you get.