9 Hilarious Illustrations That Show The Other Side Of Our Society

  • 3:03 pm June 4, 2018
  • vignesh

Our current world is filled with sadness, injustice, and a sense of resentment. We often chose to ignore and runaway from our problems pretending everything would be fine. But deep down we all know what we are looking at and this illustrations are a welcome reminder to all of us about how life is taking turns. Some would make us laugh some would make us think, but that’s the whole point right get a message conveyed though an image.

Pain in the you know where

We all have our airport look sorted quite well in advance, what denims to be paired with what shirt and what glares would go with our dress.

Then comes the main deal, the airport security where you are not just tripped of your ego but also your attitude as well, so the complete dressed up look goes for a toss

Who gets who

In this strange little world we are often caught napping with regards to the most important things in our life, partner compatibility being one such thing, this depiction is a classic case.

Now this isn't fair

Even though this may look outrageously exaggerated but this is a fact we cant run away from.

We just wish never arises such a situation where we have to see this sad depiction coming true.

All for sale

Nowadays wherever we go and whatever we purchase everything comes with a price.

We have really seen this happening and encountered such "pricey" people a truth which has pinched us sharply.

What exactly is going on

We can understand this young gent is trying to help the lady with pulling up her coat for her, but what the lady is upto is something even we are trying to figure out.

Rich becomes richer

In this not so balanced world, money is something which is mainly concentrated in only few of the countries.

This is such a brilliant depiction of rich will remain rich and poor will remain where he is

Maybe we need balance here, let the rich help poor, what say THANOS?

Technically Sound Parents

We have seen parents who are overly protective about their children and they bring them up in a certain way.

Even they can be excused at times but not the ones who show complete negligence and are hell bent on focusing only on their mobile addiction.

Parents grow up its big time now.

Chivalry no more

We have seen many things in our life but we never imagined we would witness this.

The act of chivalry has now finally found its place in the extinct.

We are completely aghast at what we are witnessing.

Books lost to Mobiles

This was the last thing we wanted to see where a book loses out to a mobile.

But such is the reality of today that we cant help but ponder how we have become slaves of technology.