The Secrets To Criss Angel’s Magic Tricks Is Finally Revealed

  • 5:32 pm May 10, 2018
  • Hazel

Magic is always mysterious and interesting. While everyone else is trying to figure out the truth behind magic. Here we have found for you the most famous magic tricks that are finally revealed and we are glad to unravel the secrets behind the most famous magician Criss Angel.

Famous tricks that amuses you.

One of the famous tricks of Criss is sure an amusing one. He goes to the beach and spreads a blanket out on the sand. After that, a girl appears under it! Magic? Trick?

What happens next is more shocking, when Criss runs away and magically appears in a matter of seconds! Well, let's find out how!

The second blanket

While the blanket is spread out, the camera is descended to the ground so it is not so easy to see what's happening. As soon as that happens, Criss' assistant runs closer and crawls under the blanket.

He had another assistant hiding behind him dressed like him. Yes, that illusion always works. When the blanket is lifted high, nobody can see Criss and that's when the switch happens. Intriguing, right?

Famous Levitation Trick

His one of the most famous illusion is the one where he levitates between buildings. Seems impossible but not for Criss' he does it with his little secret tricks. But it's actually really easy because he uses a wire. So, brilliant.

He's attached to thin cables that are invisible to the spectators because of the bright sky and the camera angles that are so well handled. The thin cables are his secret.

Magical loop that is fake

Criss ties a solid chain around his neck and gets volunteers to pull both ends at the same time. Now his trick comes in, because of which the chain seems to just magically pass through his neck.

Placing is the key. Criss just creates a fake loop behind his neck and it's covered by his long hair. How insightful!

Magical Walk on Water

Yes, you read, right! Criss walks on water. He takes a step into a pool and realizes he can stand on water. That's a little drama to entertain the audience. A swimmer even goes underneath his feet to prove it's not a gimmick. Well, is it?

He ends up crossing the pool and only his shoes are wet. That's a little unbelievable. Let's decode this!

Camera angles is everything!

It is pure illusion. He actually uses a number of plexiglass tables and camera angles. The camera doesn't pick up on the clear plexiglass. Also, the woman who swims underneath swims in the gap between the plexiglass!

But the edges of the plexiglass are hard to hide so Criss hires the swimmers to splash around to distract the viewers. Well, that's tragedy!


Criss can make anything disappear. Yes, you heard right! For this trick, he makes a spoon disappear, all he does is have his assistant take it from him. That's amazing strategy.

The assistant is the one who touches the spoon to make sure it's real and then she's the one who takes it out of the napkin. We don't realize this but it is in fact the assistant's role that is important!

Vanishing into thin air

He can just stand on a table and then vanish into thin air. I know it is a little unbelievable but it's true. Only if you don't know the trick. But what are we for then? Here's what he does...

Mirror game

Criss pulls off the trick using mirrors. This is so simple when you come to know the key behind his successful magic tricks. He jumps off and hides behind the mirror. Then the audience watching him in the videos are just hired, actors!

Everything makes sense

Now that you know his magic tricks you know how it works and you might wanna try it too. But the thing is, you won't be able to ace it like he does. He has the judgment and the assistance to make it such a successful trick.

Park bench

This is by far the most amazing illusion from Criss. Where he gets a woman to lie down on a park bench and then asks two volunteers to hold her arms and legs. This is so famous and it almost always shows well. When they both pull in different directions, the woman's body is split into two. The horror!

2 women assistants.

Criss has two women assistants who are responsible for the trick! One woman with the lower part of her body missing and a contortionist who provides the legs! That's all! It is a simple trick and not his magical powers.