10 Best Pictures Which Prove That ‘Men Will Be Men’

  • 4:58 pm June 1, 2018
  • Hazel

History teaches us that men and nations behave wisely once they have exhausted all other alternatives. A man’s life is usually enjoying what he loves to do and which he considers his sole purpose of existence. Which is wild and free but when he’s a gentleman, don’t be mistaken by his behavior he is simply a patient wolf. While they are officially considered the most hard-working still lazy at home, strongest but emotionally weakest and smartest but the silliest when enjoying, these contrasting things are what makes him interesting.

His expression, though!

It is tough for celebrities to react to things the way they feel like. Even an eye movement is made a big deal! Here, Bruce Willis is caught staring at Halle Berry's cleavage!

P Diddy starring at Jessica Beil

Jessica Beil is surely one of the hottest actresses. P Diddy just couldn't resist to check her out. But the sneak peek got him caught in the camera in an award function.

That dress is hot!

Well, as it is said, after every successful man there is a woman, but what is behind every woman? A man staring at her, obviously! Look at how excited they are!

Who is she?

Well, if the woman has Obama's attention, then I wanna know who she is! It is funny how the guy beside Obama is enjoying the whole scenario.

Thor and Loki are pervs

Scarlet Johanson is the epitome of hot! No wonder Chris and Tom are distracted by that awesome figure! Loki seems to enjoy the view very much!

Trying to ignore!

Look at the crowd trying to ignore the woman but there are some of them who gave in to the temptation! This is why their women don't wear revealing clothes.

Excited Faces

They are so excited only to take a selfie so attractive! Those girls have no idea what's going around behind their back! Wonder what will happen if they found out!

The baby knows

The baby wants more than what he already has! Look at his excitement to touch her. And the poor mother is still thinking what is wrong with her milk.

Miranda Kerr With Michael O'Brien

The awkward moment caught on camera. The irony is that it is his show. Miranda looks stunning, no wonder O'Brien lost his focus.

A realist illustration!

This is the reality of the world! Men will always be men with their childish behavior and their ideology that cannot be changed no matter what!