10 Most Embarrassing Yet Hilarious Sports Wardrobe Malfunctions

  • 8:38 pm June 24, 2018
  • Hazel

Like actors and other well-known celebrities, sports athletes also suffer wardrobe mishaps while the game and are then captured by the photographers, media around and this event is then remembered forever. Poor athletes have not only the pressure of the game but the also have to think of the clothes they are wearing and carry it well. But what wrong does it do to us to take a peek into these embarrassing moments? Well…nothing, really! We might as well have fun watching these hilarious moments.

Football game gone wrong!

These players are so engrossed in playing the game that he didn't realize what just happened. The other player sure is shocked at what he just did! Maybe he shouldn't have...

What kind of a uniform is this?

This is the worst uniform I have ever seen! The focus should actually be on the prints but actually, it is the space that is not printed which is highlighted the most! Maybe they should discard this uniform!

Damn that surfer sufferer!

So this suit should have actually looked amazingly attractive but then it decided to move off its place to create a mishap! That woman is surely embarrassed by what happened!

Too cheeky!

What's the point of wearing skirts while playing a game? It is surely going to fly up because of your constant movement or the wind! This is really pointless!

Should've worn a t-shirt instead!

Don't ever think of playing a game while wearing a striped top or anything that is too loose. It is definitely going to show off things you don't want to show off!

Too late!

Well, ice skating is one thing where you not only enjoy the performance but also the little costumes that make them look like fairies but this one right here has the worst of all the wardrobe malfunctions.

What is she wearing?

Good Lord! I wonder what she is wearing. This is definitely not a uniform or a costume to play such games! She, herself is shocked by whats happening!

Good save!

This one almost lost the battle with the wardrobe malfunction but then realized soon to take action against it! Or maybe not! The audience must have surely enjoyed this performance!

Pants exist!

Goddamit! I do not understand the logic behind wearing skirts while playing a game. And that too a mini one! This one has no clue what is happening!

This shouldn't be allowed!

I hope the guy who is pulling the other guy's pants is giving a yellow card! This is not acceptable in a football game! That poor guy must've embarrassed of himself!