10 People Who Realised They Looked Attractive When The Worked On Themselves

  • 8:14 am August 14, 2018
  • Hazel

People often take themselves too seriously and are often on the lookout for validation of others to prove that they appear attractive. This thing starts right from the childhood and creeps right in which gets quite difficult to shake up once you grow. So people try various stuff in the quest for making sure that they achieve the perfect look and ace the best way possible. Despite the fact that many say that magnificence isn't the most vital thing, bunches of individuals get discouraged when they don't see for what they find in the mirror. These individuals have been in this circumstance, and they are not going to be there once more.

4 Years

This picture on the left is 4 years ago and you can see the awesome difference in the picture. This adorable girl thought well to get into shape, rather than sitting there just feeling sorry about her fats.

A new person

This guy transformed himself into a whole new person. Not only did he made difference to himself but he also achieved a fit body.

People don’t even try to get better when they are the worse. This guy is an inspiration to take that first step to get a better person.

Some months in

No one would think that the girl on the left would become such a beauty. It took her more than 2-3 months to get it shape and it was definitely worth it, ain’t it?

Surrounded by women...

His parents got divorced and he used to live with his grandmother for a long time. The fact that he was surrounded by women and he was bullied often made him take a decision, that would better his personality.

When he went to college he made good friends who helped him live an active lifestyle which helped him lose weight.

2 years

Ever thought what 2 years can do to you? This person not only changed his hairstyle but got in shape and look what a model he looks like right now!


She was really insecure about her weight but then she decided that it was time to get in shape and she started running to lose weight.

Now that she is in shape she didn’t give up on running. She still keeps running and it makes her happy.


This guy’s hairstyle alone has made such a great impact on his personality. Sometimes all you need is a little thing that you might think that doesn’t matter but makes a big difference to your appearance

Incredible difference

She used to be a very week young girl but then she decided that she was going to get better herself and started working towards her own health. Thus, you can see an incredible difference.

Nerdy transformation

Ever thought that this nerdy guy on the left would look as attractive as the picture on the right? Well, puberty did hit him well!

15 months

The picture on the right is sheer gorgeousness. She had a double chin 15 ago and now she is happy that she finally has a chin and she is maintaining her weight ever since.