10 Pictures That Will Make You Feel Angry

  • 8:06 am June 27, 2018
  • Hazel

So, the internet is a vast world where there exists a infinite pictures of people doing funny things and studding up the place. There are some images on the internet that are not meant for you if you get irritated too soon! If you are the kind of person who is always angry or always waiting to get angry then these pictures will irritate the hell out of you. These situations are surely going to make you feel uncomfortable, no matter what kind of person are you. It might just get on your every last nerve, but they are also as amusing for some of you, to have a good laugh to start your day with. So, if you want to irritate your friend just present them with such anger inducing pictures then sit back and enjoy the expressions on their faces…

His work fell on it's face!

It is really irritating when you work so hard on your project and then it just gets ruined because of your clumsiness. It is better if you have to blame someone else for that but when you are the culprit you feel so angry that you can't even express your feelings. You can only make it worse by ruining it more if you have a habit of breaking things around you when you are angry!

I wonder what this person did after this mess! He actually took a picture of his failure...

Maybe he is still proud of his work!

When you do the dishes...

This literally happens every fricking time when I wash the dishes! This is so annoying. The water finds a way to ruin your t-shirt because you hate this. Yes, I will blame it on the water flow because then I will have to get angry with myself otherwise!

Guess this picture connects all the people who do dishes like telepathy or something. The ones who have experienced this know how this feels like...

The worst sight on earth!

When you find your charger doing this thing, it is time you already order your new charger because this is going to do no good to you. It is unsafe, plus it irritates the hell out of you when you cannot charge your phone with it. So, what better reason to get another one? You don't want to get electrified by it, that's your phones food not yours.

You won't eat food that does not taste good, similarly your phone won't eat shitty electrons from a broken charger. That might be exaggeration but it is definitely a good explanation.

Amazon shipping fails

Amazon shipped the hot sauce without any padding. That is so careless of them to do so! I wish they had a little more time thinking about the package so that I wouldn't have to face such disgust! I wonder if they refund the money or replace this, I already feel bad for this customer. Everyone deserves what they expect from online shopping. Also it is weird that they ordered hot sauce from amazon. Like why the hell would you? Can't you just walk in Walmart and get it? Well if you are a fashion-nazi you definitely wouldn't go shopping there...

When the universe is against you!

I swear to God! If I am ever faced this situation I will get angry as hulk and break the whole place down. Because I love ice cream and no one can take that away from me! Ice cream is love and no one, I repeat, no fricking one has the authority to take that away from me like that. Not even the ice-cream container. How frustrating this must've been for that person to face a situation like this after so much excitement for the ice-cream.

They added an extra milimiter

This is so not acceptable! Why the hell would they make such a mistake? It literally ruined everything for this kid! Math is amazing but it is hard as hell and if someone faces this. They will literally give up on math forever! Now you know why you cannot get the measurements right! I am sure this is a prank. I will throw this thing right at who sold me this crap. I want to protest on behalf of all the students who are weak at math and had to deal with such pranks.

I hate when anyone does this!

When you find empty bottles in the fridge, anger is induced into you from God himself and it is your duty to get the right thing done and punish the sinner! Yes, this is literally a sin to do so. Why the hell would you not follow one universal rule? The person who did this didn't want to do some extra work and so he/she very smartly left a little left over substitute so that it qualifies to keep in the fridge. It clearly doesn't, and this person is taking lazy to another level.

The package denied you!

This is so frustrating, a nonliving thing denies you because you are a piece of crap! This is really insulting if you think this way, otherwise, it is just a nice packaging so that your food won't spill! It feels like the machine which packed this played a prank on you. Think how messed up your karma might be to get to you by the help of a machine. You better be kind to people...

Why Though?

Why did the actual hell they put it up there? Why is this not in uniformity? I hate when I see such things. It just pisses me off on another level! Okay, it must be hell for people suffering from OCD. I wonder what was going inside the engineers mind while committing this obvious mistake. Did he do this on purpose? Was he forced to do so? You never know! It clearly gives a weird vibe even to the people who don't have OCD.

What happened to the bananas?

This is bizarre! Are these bananas sick or something? They just look very tired! How the hell did they just peel off like that? There is definitely something wrong with them and it is not at all good! Sad, the person won't be able to eat them!