10 Pictures You Need A Second Glance To Fully Understand

  • 1:59 pm June 24, 2018
  • Hazel

In this world of smartphones and social media, we are often clicking and posting pictures for the world to see, or maybe just for a memory. But sometimes these pictures do not turn out the way we want it to, or maybe we just wanted it that way. You have to give a second look to the picture to fully understand what is going on there because it is not only confusing but also funny, that will give you a good laugh when you look back at your memories. While some pictures are a pure illusion and you keep wondering how that actually unified together!

Who's hand is it?

This is so confusing! It is only when you give it a second glance that you realize that it is the woman in the grey who has placed her hand that way. Now I am wondering, where the woman on the left has her hand placed?

Look closely!

They are not sitting wearing revealing tops. It is actually 3D print t-shirts. The print looks so real that we wouldn't have noticed it until you have stared at it hard enough!

A weird pose!

She should not have placed her hand that way! It makes it look that her bare chest skin is showing off but it is her arm creating that illusion! Just weird!

Group photo ruin

The guy in the background looks like he is riding on the girl who is posing for a picture. This is why you should always check the background before uploading any pictures. The guy doesn't even know what he did to the perfect group photo.

Those legs look hot!

That bartender has no idea what he looks like away from the bar! This is hilarious how the lady's legs blend because of the mirror and it looks as if it is that bartender's legs!

Background check!

This is why you shouldn't pose in public places where there is too much going in the background. The girl behind the posers has worn similar colored clothing because of which this looks like there are two bodies conjoined together.

Who is carrying whom?

This looks so confusing! It is really hard to differentiate between these people's bodies. And top of that there is too much of black clothing which blends the illusion.


This picture is so perfect that it almost looks photoshop. It is actually two girls trying a new stunt. It might be just a pose for the picture but this has me thinking of how they managed to perform this pose?

What the hell?

This one picture might have raised all the eyebrows as you might have as well thought that the girl in the background is not wearing pants but actually it is the hand of the girl in the right which creates this misconception!

That's odd!

I am so confused right now! What the hell is happening in this picture? This is so mixed together that I cannot think of it untangled! These three people literally created an illusion of blended together!