10 Provoking Illustrations That Reveal Hidden Messages

  • 4:40 pm September 28, 2018
  • Hazel

This Russian artist Waldemar Von Kazak have very brilliantly played with the surrealism and made social comments using various bizarre situations and made characters out of it. It may dark but it is our sad reality that we pretend to ignore most of the times. With this illustrations, the artist shows how we humans as a society ignore reality and act like we all are happy while acting inhuman to other beings and sometimes one of our own kind. The artist says in an interview with Pinup Arena, “I began to draw after unsuccessful contact with a Large iron swing when I was small. For years I worked hard as a designer. I was engaged in packing, advertising polygraphy, and book design. But at some point, I wanted to draw again. Today I am an illustrator.”

Two different worlds

This picture illustrates that there are two different worlds of these two different types of people and they have different perspectives of each other. The society has already judged both of the worlds and they have tagged them with good and bad but the truth is they are both different and the society cannot judge them by their appearances, they are humans after all and everyone has good and bad inside them.

In to the dark

When you think that you are safe within those arms that hold you but you never know how the devil attacks you from behind and you might be wondering that, it is someone you love, stabbing you.

What everyone sees

By showing the pigs the artist is trying to show the people who are creeps, the perverts who don't realize that they are doing something wrong. Here the lady is being inspected by the perverts.

Everything has a different perspective

Everything has a different perspective and everything has a positive and a negative side. This picture shows that everyone can be on the top of the world but they don't know what loopholes they gave that ruin their success.

Question bad

There are bad people in this world who are good in reality but they are tagged as a bad person because of their looks or for the things that they do. Everyone has a little good in them, we only need to find and that and help them shine with it.

Plastic surgery

Plastic surgeries have been trending in the 21st century and people have been going crazy with the changing their appearance but this has been getting out of hands and people have been going to extremes to do just that.

This is what the concept seems like

When the religious people take the oath they mean this picture. Well, we would have never thought of it this way until this illustration. This has enlightened us about the concept.

What actually happens

This is the exact depiction of how animals are used for luxury sake and ignored their lives. People do inhumane things to animals and pretend to not know about it and ignore their existence.

Why plastic is attractive

Plastic surgery is attractive because the people make it famous and tag it beautiful whereas it is just fakeness and the perverts drool over it like it is everything that matters.

The show off

People often post pictures of them being on the internet with all the richness and they waste their money like dirt. They should realize that there are better things that need attention and they could be worked on.