12 Designers Turned Ordinary Things Into A Pure Masterpiece

  • 3:39 am July 25, 2018
  • suhas

Creativity isn't copying stuff from somewhere and bettering it, it is a sheer art of creating something extraordinary by yourself! This is exactly what people did with less extraordinary things around. Take a look!

Running Water

If you have a basin like this where you can see the running water very clearly, people are just gonna be jealous of your possession! Stunning!

Water Ball Ripples by Smith Newnam & Touch360 Studio. #p_roduct

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Magical Shoes

Even want a pair of sneakers like this. I think the owner should only wear then when the flash light is on!


Whoever thought of this is a genius! These are outstanding wall lights! Hats off to the brains behind this!


Considering the love for Pizza in the heart of my friends, something like this is absolutely perfect for my gang!

A curved escalator in China

How many times have you seen a curved escalator in your life? Well, there's one in China if you are interested. Great mechanics though!

Candle Holders

I haven't seen a prettier candle holder in my life I swear! This thing is extraordinary! I really hope to own multiple for my house. This is genius! Imagine colorful candles on them!

Brass Pop Up Candle Holder by Studio Inbetween. #p_roduct

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Light Lamp

How about this for a light lamp? Seems interesting, right? How do people even think of such things? From where do they get these ideas? I guess they are indeed creative!

Pouring Light Lamp by Yeongwoo Kim. #p_roduct

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Space Saving Chair

Introducing you a chair that is specially designed to save the space. Whoever designed this is without any doubt a genius. It looks extremely comfortable as well! I want one!

Concertina Chair by Studio Raw-Edges for Louis Vuitton. #p_roduct

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Star-shaped clothes horse

The benefit of a star shaped cloth horse is the number of clothes you can dry at once. Plus it looks immensely fancy and posh. There isn't no reason to dislike this. Very creative!

Sunset Light!

Are you a sunset lover like I am? Well, in case you are, this is your chance to having one of the most breath taking sunsets ever in the form of this sunset light. This is an applause worthy design indeed!

Skirting Board Sunset Lamp by Helmut Smits. #p_roduct

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Traffic Lights

Here's a traffic light for the Jedi, Ukraine. This is one of the most attractive things you'll ever see on the streets on any country in the world. Beautiful!

Recyclable Basin

You'll be confused as to what is a Recyclable Basin? Well, this is a toilet in USA and Japan. You can wash your hands and then flush with the same water here. Yes, you are kinds a recycling the water. Now how amazing and Eco friendly is that?