12 'Hot' Photos Proving That Sometimes, Summer Can Be a Huge Challenge

  • 12:19 am July 27, 2018
  • suhas

Summers can be really hard sometimes. Consider yourself extremely lucky if you have the body type that can handle summers because for most of us, it is the most torturing period of the year! These photos say the same!

Humans And Animals Alike

You know the summer is back when a little water is also more than enough. Also be it humans or animals, summer can always be very excruciating for both!

Well Prepared

When you know that the season is about to start and you prepare yourselves well in time with all the cooling machines and stuff. Ohhhh the electricity bill at this time though!

Find Some Shade

Consider yourself if you successfully manage to find a place in shade because everyone else will also be looking for the same space!


The only season when puddles seem to be more attractive than anything else on the land. It has water and it is cold from inside you see. Ohhhh summers, why you be so hot?

Looks Great!

Things people do to avoid heat in summers! Is this a modern Air Conditioning or what? Whatever it is, it looks extremely interesting! Even I want one of this now!


“Found a Jacuzzi at the park” is literally the situation here. Imagine the condition of poor people who do not have any form of access to Air conditioners, Water coolers or swimming pools!


"The heat today baked the pine sap out of my newly painted deck,’’ someone once posted on social media. We are appalled!

The Act Of Melting!

When road signs start melting too, you know something is not entirely right and this heat is becoming unbearable!

Even Roads!

Forget about road signs, even roads start melting in some parts of the world. Yes, summers are not easy at all for most of the countries in the world!

The Only Heaven

By the looks of it, this is the one and only heaven in summers! I wish we had a refrigerator specially for humans to settle in summers.

One More Heaven!

Ohhhh wait, one more heaven in summers! A chilled beer on a very sunny afternoon is bliss! Yes, this is what we need!

Ummmm, Okay Then!

Well, the cars here did not melt because of summer heat but this is a perfect representation of what happens with us and around us in summers!