10 Times When Celebrities Were Startled Looking At Their Own Paparazzi Pictures!

  • 1:07 am July 14, 2018
  • suhas

Pictures speak a thousand words, they say and perhaps it is true. These celebrities realized it the hard way though and the only words some of their pictures speak is - WHY EVEN!


You know when you taste freedom and fame too early in life, sometimes you go cuckoo - case in point Miley Cyrus, Justin Beiber etc!

Now Beiber decided to be extra nasty to his fans in Toronto,Cananda and was found doing weird things like spit on them, yell at them. His representatives denied this act. No idea, whether to believe the images or Justin’s kind and generous act towards his fans, of buying them chocolates and playing music for them, as per his rep’s reports.


Have you seen a prettier walrus tho?

Jennifer Lawrence knew exactly what was going to happen the moment she stepped out of that door. So guess what she does, picks up some chopsticks, makes them some extra teeth and struts out like a boss. Or was she drunk?


So Emma Stone knows she is going to be followed around regardless of where she goes. But what to do when she feels like a nice picnic breakfast in the park? Well, she spots the lens, makes funny faces, flicks some fingers and there she is -a happy bunny!


These guys are always in the news - for good, bad or weird reasons (mostly latter)

Now, Kim was pregnant when she was clicked this way and then started a never ending troll list of fat shaming, and weight pulling and some more things. Hurt by this Kim, as usual, took to social media to claim her diet was strict and the dress (and NOT her weight) was the issue!


After her Superbowl halftime performance in 2013,Beyonce was trolled and trolled and trolled...and its going to go on for centuries!

She was brilliant btw, but what wasn't brilliant was the ugly paparazzi snapshots. In spite of Beyonce’s publicist’s requesting Buzzfeed.com to change those ugly looking images, which they did, the snapshots had already been circulated and had everyone startled by then.


Hathaway is a genius on screen and very few can take their eyes of this one when she is at her best. But the paparazzi couldn't even do so to spare her some alone time at the beach. Back in 2016 when she was pregnant with her son, Hathaway was captured by the keen eyed paparazzi. But she knew this was coming up, so she took a decent shot of herself covering the baby bump and got it uploaded before they could upload some indecent ones.


Kristen Stewart was called out for being a cheat when she was found caressing, making out and being a little too close for comfort with the much married director of "Snow White and the Huntsmen" Director, Rupert Sanders!

FYI: She was dating Robert Pattinson back then!


This is one problem child that has hogged the media headlines for a decade starting 2000's. Now, Lohan has been captured a million times being weird in public, but this particular picture comes from her Ex girlfriend, Samantha Ronson, who sold it to the paparazzi for $175,000.


Big butts and Kardashians go hand in hand, so Khloe is no different. Khloe mentioned on her website, as to how startled up she was in seeing her own booty snapshots. But she was proud of herself, that she wasn’t that big as she had imagined it to be. The paparazzi who shot this amazing photo needs a special applaud.


Everyone loves the Flash and when Grant Gustin goes Ninja on the paparazzi, he is the most adorable thing on this planet!

This 28-year-old star of the CW’s series The Flash is ever ready to give the paparazzi some modeling snapshots on occasions when he’s not shooting. At this young age, he very well understands how to maintain a sense of humor with the cameras that troll you. So that on seeing them on social media later could lead to some funny moments.