15 Epic Selfie Fails By People Who Forgot to Check Their Backgrounds!

  • 10:59 pm July 26, 2018
  • suhas

It is essential to keep an eye on our surroundings all the time and before we seem too preachy, let us bring to your notice these 15 epic fails that happened because people completely forgot to check their backgrounds and clicked away. It is hilarious!


These two girls decided to click selfies one day and went on clicking away, like most other girls. Little did they know that they were joined by another being in the room...erm, on their bed...by their head. Watch how Mr. Spider makes a dramatic appearance and scares the living lights of these girls!


She may not have known it coz of supreme focus on herself, but there was some weird activity happening on the background and that was her dog trying his level best at featuring in this photo...and no he doesn't really care about his looks like this girl here!


This generation is way different from what it was when we were growing up. So this dad decided to play prankster with his teenage daughter and appeared when she was clicking a selfie. Little did she know that he would twitch his face to look like that when the shutter clicked!


Well, we understand your excitement over winning the match, but atleast take some care of whats happening at the back. Don't know if you saw it yet, but there is a naked guy at the back...taking a bath. We wonder what he would have gone through after this picture was posted!


This is pretty woman clicking a pretty picture, till you check out the background. Notice how she is sitting on a pot trying to take a dump? And there goes a selfie. Well, time to pull up your pants, sister!


What happens when your girlfriend catches the bouquet at a wedding? Well you fret and realize it may just be you next. Look at the girls face so full of happiness, and then there is this boyfriend. But you know what is funnier? Well, the guy at the extreme back!


This girl is caught up to the selfie fever but clearly looks like her mom doesn't really approve of the content the daughter is creating. Anyway, seems like problems are going to creep up on the breakfast table. Shut your doors, children!


This is hilarious, She would have never EVER imagined!

This woman decided to click a selfie and what a stunner she looks in this one. But it is only for the smart eyed ones to realize she is not looking at the mirror alone. She got some company...weirdly one eyed!


Drunk selfies are the funniest things to happen ever. So much so that in this picture they couple didn't even realize that they had an uninvited guest peeping through their cheeks!


The woman in the background is plain hilarious. She decided to photobomb but then realized that she could click a selfie while at it. So that is exactly what she did!


Some people are plain cuckoo in their heads. This guy clicked a selfie while peeing. Little did he realize that the mirror on the back wall was capturing everything he thought he could hide...well, not everything really!


Mirrors are a selfie’s worst enemy so watch it when you take a selfie with a mirror around you. You never know what may crop up. In this case, the girl should have been a little more careful of her nose, we presume!


Hahahah. Now this is called a classic generation gap. The boy maybe just clicking a selfie in a bathroom, but this old man cannot come to terms with the fact that this generation is losing it to a stupid ideal called selfie!


These girls are so busy on their phones that they completely forgot their dog was in heat. So while one clicks a selfie and the other texts/chats, this little one does what he wishes to do. Unfortunately, he ends up photobombing the girls selfie with his actions!


We get it that you have to click a perfect picture especially when you rarely look dapper but taking a quick look at your kitten would occasionally help. Like in this case, the cat seems to be upto a whole lot of crap...quite literally!