An Effortless Compilation Of Excellent Pictures

  • 12:32 pm June 11, 2018
  • Hazel

The pictures are so excellently brilliant that we couldn’t get any flaws, and even if we do they are only going to give a good laugh. While everything else in this world is frustrating, the internet comes to the rescue by giving us the best pictures of the people who do weird stuff. This is solely for our entertainment because I don’t think they will ever enjoy their weirdness, they might not even know it has a funny side to it! This a compilation of such excellent pictures which will definitely make your day.

This is perfection

Get a girl who can do both! Body as attractive as that and skills more attractive than that. If I can get a girl like that, it would be a dream come true.

Bhad Bhabie on the roll!

Well, I would've never got a tattoo like that. At least not Bhad Bhabie, like, what the hell was the person thinking about? Was definitely high I guess! So, high that Bhad Bhabie seemed to be a legit option.

Bernadette, why are you so ugly?

I am sure the big bang theory actress didn't imagine in her wildest dreams of any such dol that represents her to be so ugly! What are they trying to promote anyway?

Look at his face

He is having an existential crisis right there! He looks like he's done with life's problems and wants to enjoy a ride but the child beside him have to ruin it and he has to bear with it!

Scary Barbie

If Barbie dolls were real they would definitely look like this and I am glad they don't exist as real humans. I never liked Barbie dolls as a child, they scared the sh*t outta me!

Realistic dolls

This is a realistic display of the real behavior of every guy on this planet! This is so weird, they are already giving lessons to children how the adulthood really is. Busting the bubble they are in!

BBQ is faking it!

This always happens. It looks like it is the best meal you will ever have on the poster but the actual food which is served tells a whole different story.

Memes are life

This is so relatable. I love how they engraved it on the wood so that it never fades and it looks so much like modern art. I want to put this up in my office so that everyone thinks that I am some science nerd and when they look closely they just burst with laughter.

Cats are adorable

I love cats in all forms. That small cat looks like a bobblehead and it is so adorable. Where do find it? It is so small I can carry it in my bag!

Modelling Job gone wrong

This is why you should never do things that seem easy. This guy should be famous for his mistake. For all the wrong reasons for sure!