Armenian Photographer Captures The Most Mesmerising And Real Pictures Of Russia

  • 4:33 pm September 28, 2018
  • Helma

A great destination to travel and the best part of Russia is always on every travel diaries and this artist who has lived there and he even got an award for that as his pictures do not show the outside of the city or country but some never seen before pictures that he has clicked. Here the artist captures the most mesmerizing and real pictures of Russia as he had lived there and he knows every corner and every part of the place which we don't know And here with his pictures he is showing the entire Russia which he had clicked.

Man With Shorts

The artist captures the city not from the outside but from the inside city where he had lived and in this image where the man is in shorts while the woman is staring at him.

This Quick Getaway

We are wondering what happened that she is going in this way and the artist captures this at that moment when that woman was in a quick getaway.

Car Vs Horse

Not every place is bound to have car whereas in Russia you will see people have a horse and they do travel from a horse.

Selfie With Beauty

This woman who is taking a selfie with the soldiers who are also happy with their parade mode smiling and enjoying her selfie game.

Pose With Ships

Photographing is not an easy job but clicking like you are a professional and the artist captured it the behind the scene of theirs.

Russian Girls

Russians girls are known for their beauty and cute features and the artist has not only captured the beauty of the city but also girls.

In Winter

Russia looks pretty in winter whereas the snow looks all covered but the artist captured it so beautiful that we think of visiting there in winter.

The Homeless Guy

This guy who is sleeping so uncomfortably in a bus stand whereas the girl who is looking so beautiful seating innocently waiting for a bus.