Grandpa Excited To Meet New Grandbaby Only To Realize Moments Later His Daughter Lied To Him

  • 2:51 pm September 12, 2018
  • Hazel

Like other relationships, individuals between grandparents and grandchildren evolve and are not forever beneficial to one or mutually parties. The relationships would be liable to substitute in rejoinder to the grandchildren's ever-increasing adulthood and the aging of their grandparents, and other altering circumstances, such as parental separation and/or housing relocation.

Landry James

Landry James is used to being the main male in the family who has two sisters, four little girls, and two granddaughters. He has been surrounded by ladies all his life which made him a patient and compassionate man. But being so consumed with being with girls all around he felt lonely regularly but destiny had something planned for them.


Landry's daughter, Carie Elbe was expecting a child she knew that she decided to keep it a secret until the day of his birth. She wanted to give her dad the surprise of a lifetime! As the day arrived when Carrie finally gave birth to her child. The whole family was excited to know the gender of the little one.

It's a Boy!

Landry's reaction was priceless when he came to know the baby's gender. He was more happy than anyone else. It is a boy! That's great news for Grandpa Landry as now he has a male company around the house. Carrie had kept this a secret and had lied to her father about the gender of the child being a girl instead. Every little person in the family kept it a secret.


Landry was so surprised after knowing the real gender of the baby he was very excited. All these years being so alone in the whole girls family. He finally had someone who could carry on the traditions with him. Being a male. That's why Carie and her husband decided to name the boy Landry James after her father. That's an incredible honor for Landry.

The video

Just looking at him made grandpa Landry so happy and we are so glad that this beautiful moment was captured on camera.