Hilarious Illustrations That Reveal What It’s Like To be A Woman

  • 6:20 pm September 26, 2018
  • Hazel

Women are amazing beings and they are often associated with the epitome of beauty and mysterious and exquisite. But the real struggle of their everyday life and all the things that they go through makes them what they are, strong and beautiful. Nobody sees what they have too through and often blame them to not only be clumsy but also moody but they don’t take these comments to heart and continue to be as they are but in an elegant way. That is why they are considered so beautiful.

The Eyeliner Struggle

The struggle is real. When you get your first eyeliner perfectly done but when you go for the second one you have to struggle and it ruins your whole makeup.

The Extra fats

When you try to take a perfect picture but then you realize that you have to take your extra fats inside you so that you look perfect. Well, that's our everyday struggle.

What you feel like...

Only if our breasts would not be just some extra fats on our chests and work like this then you would be able to defend yourself from perverts like these.

How to deal with perverts

Well, this isn't a bad idea to get out of a perverts area and make him feel more uncomfortable as he made to feel you. We should all try this.

If only...

If only our butts could do this to every pervert who tries to get to us like this. It would be great to have a shark butt. Well, beware perverts, we are getting weird ideas to get rid of you.

We have weaknesses too

And we stare at them with droll in our mouth. You guys are not the only ones who act like this. Even girls to this. Well, we have our weaknesses like squat butts and nerves in the wrists, etc.

The contouring

When we have makeup on our face versus when we have natural look without makeup. This is the exact depiction of what we look like.

The unwanted hair

When we have to deal with unwanted hair, it gets too messy and it grows too fast. I hope there is a way we could get rid of this daily struggle without wasting money on it.

We check out other girls

Yes, you read right, girls check out other girls more than they check out guys. We even compliment each other on their bodies and it is not at all awkward.