Images Showing The Difference Between Australia and Britain

  • 5:30 pm July 20, 2018
  • Hazel

When you think of Britain you always think of the royalty and the typical London bridge comes in imagination and it is quite a fantasy to live a life there. On the Other hand, Australia sounds quite fun to hang around, it’s deserts and wildlife really intrigues us to visit there. There are many things that these two countries have in common but there are much more differences between them that you should definitely know about! The things are random and which are rare, both make this list an interesting one. The list below explains the differences in the similarities between the countries.


You will be surprised how extremely different the scenarios in these two different countries are. There are many other things where they are alike but things like these make them differ from each other.


Look at how the size is massive of the reptile and it still manages to get up on that wall! This makes scared to go visit Australia. The country is known for it's extreme. The Britains will literally have a heart attack if they grace this sight of the mighty reptile!

Bin Collection

The Australians work haphazardly which is why their bins after they have emptied them are left lying there. It is the opposite in the Britain where the residents go uproar if they find something so haphazardly gross!

Newspaper Delivery

In American films when the paper boy cycles along the road, throwing rolled up newspapers into residential gardens. That happens in Australia! Newspapers are rolled up, wrapped in either a plastic bag and throwed towards people’s properties. Well in UK, where newspapers are folded in half and pushed through letterboxes, causing all the flyers to scatter all around.

Mail Boxes

Australian houses don’t have letter boxes on their front doors like UK homes do, they have freestanding mail boxes in the front garden, next to the apartment.

Abundance of Level Crossings

Another one of the differences between Australia and the UK. While the UK does have them, it’s more usual to cross trainlines via bridges and underpasses. In Australian cities you frequently walk right across the tracks.

Lack of Street Lights

Another difference between Australia and the UK is that lamp posts are really far apart out here. If you’re walking home after dark you often have to pass through areas of complete darkness. Combining this with the lack of apartment.

Lack of Pavements

For a country with laws there sure is a lack of pavements to walk on. No matter which city I’ve been in, once you’re out in the suburbs it’s quite common for people’s front lawns to continue all the way down to the road. So these are the reason with shows the difference between Australia and Britain.