Most Odd Pictures From The Core Of The Internet

  • 6:13 pm June 11, 2018
  • Hazel

You know when you are having a bad day you are probably going to pick up your phone to scroll through to find some really good memes to brighten your day up! It is like a reflex these days, quickly finding something entertaining to forget the day's tiredness. These are some entertaining pictures to pass your time and up your mood for the rest of the day.

Torn jean extreme

I don't know where the fashion is leading to? This is so illogical, why the hell is she wearing denim anyway? It is so torn that she should have instead opted to wear shorts.

If you miss your breakfast

This is a van inspired by the toaster. because we forget to eat breakfast and this is just in case it happens again. So, the next time you can have the breakfast on the go!

Confused sign board

This is so confusing! What are they trying to say? It says do not exceed 20 children. Are they saying that they should not exceed children or they should not exceed than 20?

Van crush

What is it made of? Rubber? This doesn't look like a real car but if this is real it is definitely perturbing. I hope no one is stuck inside there.


Why would anyone waste such a good piece of pizza? this is an insult to all the pizzas. No pizza deserves to end up there without consumption.

Why dream?

When you can have the name written on the van, people will call it a Lamborghini anyway. How insightful! I wonder who rides that. That guy is a pun master!

Girls with abs

This is perturbing because this looks so unreal. I would never want to see a girl with abs. It's weird how their hands are too feminine to match with their stomach.

I want her to be my girlfriend

I have never seen any attractive girl walk in the park wearing that. This makes me happy and gives me hope to get girls in the park.