Revolutionary Movement Of Bearded Women On Instagram Has Taken The Net By Storm

  • 5:36 pm September 26, 2018
  • Hazel

The Internet has shared awareness around the world as it is considered the biggest platform. #beardedwoman is the hashtag used for the latest movement of all the bearded women who embraced their facial hair and are proud to wear it off like heroes. These pictures don’t fit into any standards of beauty we know of, yet they are beautiful and attractive in their own way. We should start accepting ourselves as we are and stop pretending to be someone else.

Unique Personality

Every one is different and unique in their own way. You can copy someone in their appearance but then that will be cheating with your own unique personality.

Weird Standards

Even though there are people in this world who think that the appearance that we portray is the one that we think that is acceptable to the world, according to their standards. There is a weird standard of beauty that is set and we all blindly follow them.

Same old

While we all are in the line following the same old rugged fashion, these women stood up to their uniqueness and showed off their real side to the society without being ashamed of it.

Facial hair

They are an inspiration to the world to show their scars and showed that not all scars are bad they are achievements and uniqueness. With being cool with showing facial hair, there is no pressure on maintaining the mainstream look.

Face Critics

By taking this big step to be as they are these women are content with themselves and acceptance is the first thing to achievement and they have achieved great respect to not be fake. They surely even faced critics but they were strong enough to survive that too.


Women are forced to look like the mainstream perfect that the society has set the standards to! And breaking them and standing for themselves is the first thing that they should fight for and then the whole world stands for you if you are strong enough to be an inspiration.


This movement has defied all odds of Instagram and set a new standard of beauty and that is uniqueness. If you are still thinking if you are good enough for the society and are concerned with what everyone around will think of you then you will forever be unhappy.


This is your life and you have to love it and if you want to be happy you should be able to accept yourself the way you are and if the society isn't ready to accept you as you are, then it is their problem and not yours.

Share awareness

By sharing awareness like these people have been starting to accept the uniqueness and there have been different things that people have now made normal. You only need to raise you voice

Apart from each other

The uniqueness of these people are beautiful in their own way and no one should be compared as they are not only different people but they are also different personalities, different souls that are apart from each other.