Transformation: Pictures Of Meghan Markle From A Red Carpet Diva To A Royal

  • 6:01 pm June 1, 2018
  • Hazel

Meghan Markle isn't a commoner but she's was not royalty either. The 37-year-old actress and Los Angeles native starring in the USA Network drama "Suits," but she didn't live lavishly, she was divorced but still broke all barriers and married the Prince as an equal partner. Her story is an inspirational one, as she was not an Aristocrat or a Royal. Nothing about her fit in the normal Royal Family Bride but yet became a Royal. Her journey is quite inspiring…

Meghan's Early Lie

The LA-born, the actress has been much curiosity over the last few months, thanks to her growing relationship with 32-year-old Prince Harry.

Before she began dating the man, Meghan, was best known for her role in the legal drama 'Suits'

She also ran a lifestyle blog, worked as a freelancing in calligrapher, and did charity work with the UN and World Vision.

First Red Carpet Appearance

In 2006, Meghan at the age of 25, made one of her first red carpet appearances. She looks so fresh-faced, despite the generous dusting of bronzer. To me, her nose looks wider although it perfectly fits her face.

With New Hair Look

Later, Meghan stepped out at the Globes with an amazing new hair look: long, straightened and lightened to a reddish caramel hue.

She is looking so different. The color is really flattering, with less makeup and a sprinkling of freckles across her nose.

Meghan In Black!

Meghan Markle posing in front of a camera in black off-shoulder dress. Sizzling ‘Suits’ actress in black co-ordinates because black never goes out of style. She is looking gorgeous.

Her Fashion Transformation

The transformation of her style is truly noticeable. Here she is posing in leather pants. Meghan got the full Hollywood makeover. Markle's humanitarian work focuses on empowering women

Bold Look

The red-carpet diva in a bold avatar, looking sexy. With natural makeup and the extra lashes make her eyes pop. And finally, her brows are all grown. She got more experimental with both red lipstick and smoky eyes.

Beautiful And Simple Royal Look

Now just look at this elegant royal look. The switch in her style is undoubtedly wonderful. She always knows how to look flawlessly beautiful with simplicity.

Style Transformation

Her style transformation played a major role in her journey from being a red-carpet diva to an elegant royal.

Royal Hat Look

Transformation of her style turned her classiness. Meghan Markle following royal traditions, wearing a classy hat


If ‘elegance’ was a person, Meghan Markle in a classy suit which is redefining her style. The Duchess looking in her simple yet gorgeous avatar.