Why Did God Create Grandmas? The Boy’s Answer Has Everyone Crack Up!

  • 6:47 pm July 27, 2018
  • Hazel

Grandmothers are our favorite people in the family as they don’t expect anything from us and be lenient with us, unlike our parents. Grandmothers are very sweet and they caring towards their grandchildren they have a habit of making food or snacks for their grandchildren which are very tasty and we love too much about it. They always present us little gifts and bake cake for us. They are old and slow but the nicest people around and you like their presence as they are such sweet people to talk to and they always take your side when you are being held responsible by your parents for the mischief you do. This little boy has given a very adorable yet funny reply to the question and it has every one crack up!

Grandmothers Are The Best!

There is no doubt that the grandmothers are the best people to hang around.

They are so sweet all the time and they even offer you tasty treats and most importantly they love you and care for you at all times.

Interesting reply...

This adorable little lad in a karate uniform was asked about his 100-year-old "MamMa," and why God created her? His reply was very interesting and sweet.


He was astonished by the fact that she is 100 years aged. But what follows will make you go “awww” for the little guy!

As psychology says that Grandmothers are calmer than they were when they were parents, the reason why they forgive your mischief and brush it off like dust.

Human tendency

If it was her own children back in the day she would’ve got irritated by the mischief and would’ve to start nagging about it.

It is a human tendency, they are very stressed out when they are adults bit as they get older they worry less and care more.

Lucky to have her

You are very lucky if you have a grandmother, there are so many things that you could learn from her.

She often is lenient around you which makes you be more comfortable around them, instead of fearing them.

Watch video!

The film crew was astonished and in awe with the little boy’s reply of “Why did God create Grandmas?“

He spotted some excelling point which was logical and reasonable enough to be said, spotless!

Watch the video to see his reply and to agree with the little boy!

This is amazing!

Even the little boy knows the worth of a Grandma and we are left speechless after watching the video! Grandmas are amazing people and we should spend more time with them.