10 Biggest Movie Mistake You Totally Missed

  • 2:45 pm March 24, 2018
  • mahi

We are pretty sure most of you must have missed these mistakes...

The Empire Strikes Back

The first part of the trilogy which has a huge fan base and people consider it to be the best among the three has its own share of flaws. In the scene where Luke climbs up the thermal detonator, there is an 8080 fall. Here you can see the prop used by the crew to push the model of the walker.

Jason Bourne

The scene where the Bourne’s Dodger Charger is being damaged repeatedly and recovers again, whereas the car being chased makes the vehicle shoot up in the air every once in a while.

Alien covenant

Though this movie defies several Physical laws the most striking part was when David was aware of the exact container size of the alien embryo which coincidentally is perfect to hold humans.


A refreshing view of the Marvel Series, Ant-Man was liked by all. But the scene, where Ant-Man forays in the pipes, one can see that the pipes don’t have the writings inside the pipe, neither the welds are close together nor are they inside the pipe.

Quantum of Solace

Though no one can disagree about the great 007 performing the miracle stunts, one thing that missed the movie maker sight was that he missed one of the extras sweeping the fleeting air at the Haitian airport which was clearly visible in the background.

Wonder Woman

One of the horrendous error the movie makers could have made was to forget that zippers weren’t used in the man’s pants until that time. This scene shows up when Steves Trevor gets out of the bath and the camera shifts to Gadot but one can hear the audible zip sound.

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Fate Of The Furious

Anyone who would have watched this movie couldn’t help but notice the impossible task carried out by Vin Diesel’s car of maintaining the impossible speed along with maintaining the control on the car as it slides on the ice amidst the snow.

Spider-Man: Home Coming

The scene which defies basic nautical science, where the ship is torn apart in two and Ironman fixes it. Any other ship would have been filled with water and sunk.


In the fight, the one trooper monk kicks up dirt, and where the reaction is seen way too quickly. In this scene, the storm-trooper reacts by looking mortally wounded, and even though his helmet should have stopped dirt, it didn’t.


Though the storyline is great, there was a stunt slip up where when Thor strikes Loki towards a group of guards, those guards are dragged along without being actually hit.