10 Leonardo Movie Mistakes Which Proves That Even The King Of The Movies Has Shortcomings

  • 11:12 am July 18, 2018
  • vignesh

While he was devoid of an Oscar for the longest time, we all waited with bated breath for him to get one. Leo is one of those few actors who chooses roles in sync with his individual strength and skill. He has been doing amazing work since his debut and has successfully grabbed the attention of the international audience as well. However, leaning towards the part, an actor as hardworking as Leonardo committed major movie errors which your eyes failed to notice and that is not his fault for sure, the creative people on the set too should have noticed these anomalies and fixed it but that was not to happen.


This scene of Titanic is quite discussed as the mistakes were quite obvious. The suspenders that Leo has worn somehow disappears in the next scene. How did he manage to do that while his hands tied down to that pole?

Wolf Of Wall street

The yacht in the Wolf of Wallstreet changes its shape and size changes in the next shot. You might not notice it at first but now that you know. When the next time you watch the movie do notice this minor difference went undetected.

The Wolf of Wall Street

Margot Robbie's this scene is one of the hottest ever and her sensual looks have won many hearts. Naomi tells Jordan that she's not actually wearing underwear, but when you see it another shot, she is wearing it, so she was lying!

Django Unchained

In the movie Django, the skull that is named Ben is actually a woman's skull and so that cannot be ben. That should have been Brenda, not Ben! It is portrayed that the skull is the servant, Calvin Candie's father but now that we know that this is a woman's skull there are many questions that arise.

Catch Me If You Can

Leo can literally pull off any look that is given to him and that is why we do not like to spot mistakes in the movies, overshadow his talent.

Notice the uniform of the ladies. They have worn the wearing Pam Am hats wrong! It should have been seen from the front and not the side.

The Revenant,

In the movie, the firearms during that era didn't use gunpowder! No shots in the movie fired produced anywhere near the black smoke that would have been realistic. But that doesn't overshadow his impeccable actor.

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The Revenant

The movie, The Revenant is surely the best movie, where Leo's acting skills have shown up. But every beautiful thing has its flaws and this movie has some too.

Hugh's wounds constantly change! The wounds on his right shoulder and his back appear and disappear in scenes.

The Wolf of Wall Street

The Wolf Of Wall Street has many mistakes and this one also qualifies for the list. The ring on his finger somehow disappears and that makes us skeptic of the shot! Look closely, the whole picture has hidden mistakes.

The Aviator

This is very obviously the most stupid mistake in the movie. He can't really decide whether he wants to feel the wind in his hair or not. This one looks awesome.

Romeo Juliet

Leo is Romeo and we love him which his chocolate boy looks. But this scene is messed it up as he is not wearing his shirt and in the other scene is wearing his shirt. So much for makeout sessions! I wonder how this was shot!