10 Massive Blunders Made in Hollywood movies That Went Unnoticed!

  • 6:50 pm December 19, 2020
  • suhas

Hollywood releases tons of movies every year! the amount of entertainment that it gives us is massive! Having said that, the movies made aren't mistake proof. If you look at the scenes closely, these movies have tons of mistakes or continuity errors in them! Here are 10 of the silliest ones that we noticed!

Return of the King

In Return of the King, Frodo gets caught in Shelob's webs. Sam finds him and presumes he's dead. But did you notice that throughout the scene, his eyes keep opening and shutting. How did no one from the production ever noticed it?

Soul Surfer,

Have you seen Soul Surfer? In that movie, they wrapped green tape around AnnaSophia Robb's arm to digitally remove it from the movie, but in the trailer you can see where they forgot to edit it out. Did you notice that?


You do not expect Will Smith movies to have mistakes, do you? but sometimes, they do! In Hitch, Will Smith's character has an allergic reaction, and only one side of his face swells up. But later on, the side is switched! Crazy, right?

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets,

Now here is something that we found in the harry potter series as well! In Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, you can visibly see a cameraman in the shot during Harry and Draco's dueling scene. This completely went unnoticed, wow!

Legally Blonde!

In Legally blonde, the women in front of Elle in this scene is pretending to drink water from the fountain. The water isn't even coming out! Even though the scene lasts for a mini second, it is funny to be honest!

Miss Congeniality

Now here is something in Miss Congeniality that you must have definitely not noticed! Cheryl beats Gracie with the rose bouquet, and the petals fall off. A few seconds later, the red petals magically reappear. Magic!

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It's a Wonderful Life

Seems like the makers of It's a Wonderful Life made a Math error! Clarence reveals that George's brother died at the age of 9, but the dates on his gravestone say that he was only eight. Only if they had calculated it correctly, the number on the gravestone would be something else!

She's All That

In the movie She's All That, I don't know if you ever noticed or no but Taylor gets a heart tattoo on her left shoulder, later on her tattoo mysteriously disappears at prom. Sounds crazy, right?

American Sniper

American Sniper has a rather funny error to be honest! They substituted a real baby for a literal doll. You can even see Bradley Cooper move the doll's hand with his finger in order to make it look more real!

Mean Girls

Here is something that all the Mean girls fan completely missed! Cady accidentally scares Janis and Damian, causing the popcorn to spill everywhere. In the next shot, the popcorn bowl is magically refilled. Any justification or logic to this? I guess no!