10 Most Embarrassing Celebrity Moments

  • 11:24 pm June 22, 2018
  • vignesh

Celebrities are those who let out a style statement no sooner they step out and are a source of fodder for the paparazzi. Therefore it becomes imperative that they are always expected to be on their A game fortunately or unfortunately. But there are certain times when they embarrass themselves and are unable to escape the media’s eyes. This list is one such compilation.

Hold on a little longer

Just when she thought she could hold on it for a bit longer her bowels gave away, we feel bad for her, we surely do.

Miley those days

Those were the days weren't they and Miley seems to agree with us, she can be seen in her completely unplugged avatar.

Strange things happen

While we know strange things happen and people go crazy but we aren't really sure what exactly was she thinking here?

Tan gone wrong

We know that not all experiments succeed some definitely fall flat on our face this experiment is one such an epic fail.

Whose gown is it anyway?

Even we are taken for a ride here, we don't understand what this fuss is all about whose gown is it anyway?

Okay we get it now, its Rihanna's.

She is an icon in her own right

We have known Britney the Icon who set huge standards even for fashion police but this was something which we never expected.

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The fall which no one expected

People do trip and fall if they are not correctly balanced but here even the one who was closest to her could help her, we feel sorry for her.

We all fell down

Just when we thought we had seen quite a lot about how celebs fall when they are not so comfortable here comes another one.

Add one more to the list

What on earth did just happen there, poor pretty had a fall but we have to hand it over to her for her bravado just look at the smile she is exhibiting.

Fall of a other kind

What we see here is far from impressive this wont be doing much for his credentials we believe what do you think.