10 Rarely Seen Pictures Of Angelina Jolie

  • 10:16 am June 7, 2018
  • vignesh

One of the most prettiest faces to have ever graced the silver screen, Angelina Jolie has always been an enigma. Right from her first movie till date she has always been at the centre of everyone’s attention. Be it her sartorial choices or be it her movies, her various link ups whatever she chose to do became a trend. To maintain the A game for so long under such heavy scrutiny is not everyone’s cup of tea, probably this is what makes her stand apart. Here we have a compilation of Jolie’s unseen pictures. Do tell us which one is your favourite.

Back when she was 19

One of those cute little photoshoots where we can see Ms. Jolie having a ball of a time with blossoming flowers.

That's how you celebrate your last year of teenage don't you, who cares if this is what this beauty does.

When she was just a little girl

This photo takes us back to her school days, all shy and coy.

Who would have thought that one day she would go on and rock the world the way she did.

Another startling example of how you cant exactly determine what a child can do based on their potential back then.

Quite candidly yours

Jolie in her early days had that spark which was to shine in its full glory in the coming years.

This shoot back in 1994 shows us the glimpse of what was to come, a star quite candid oozing complete confidence.

She surely sets the bar high

She was not that popular a figure back in the early 90's but still she showed what she is capable of in this early photoshoot of her's.

We must say she had all the makings of the superstar which we came to know later.

Award ceremony regular

During her early days into the industry just when people started taking notice of her, Jolie kept her feet firmly grounded.

Her family was her only support system then she had this ritual of attending the award ceremonies with there father and her brother.

When cupid struck

She was going great guns in her career and he was the most sought after actor then, but he was much married though while she had already separated from her husband.

Just when the whole world was waiting with bated breath to hear them say they were together, they indeed did.

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Rebel at times without any cause

There have been many noticeable phases in her life when we have seen her throwing caution to the wind and just let go, this is one such instance where has been caught letting her hair down.

When she played Lara Croft

A screen character which she became synonymous with "Lara Croft", an agent who played the beauty with brains character to the T.

This is one of those rare pictures which emerged from the set whilst the making of the movie.

The star who ruled the roost

Once a fashionista always a fashionista, Jolie always set high standards when it came to setting the fashion world on fire, her blonde get up look fetched her huge laurels and till date it is one of her most famous look.

A tattoo trendsetter

She literally set fashion trends every time she stepped out, and this tattoo phase was no different.

Easily the flag bearer of the the tattoo generation, Jolie has more than 20 tattoos inked on her body.